Our comprehensive services are free and confidential. Your are welcome to use our services regardless of whether or not you have insurance, your income, immigration status, where you live or your plans for your pregnancy.

At Womankind we understand that discovering you are pregnant can be a happy time or a devastating time. Either way you may find yourself without emotional support, insurance, financial resources or access to more traditional health care settings.


We provide:

Free Pregnancy tests

Compassionate, integrative and high quality prenatal care through 28 weeks in our medical clinic includes

Assistance with planning for last trimester care and delivery
Access to medically indicated ultrasounds
Proof of pregnancy
Assistance with Medicaid applications
Exploration of other options for medical coverage and medical financial aid
Assistance with WIC information and referrals
Advocacy following completion of these applications
Professional counseling and support services

Support services for you and those close to you

Professional counseling for any pregnancy related concern

Post-Abortion counseling

Referrals for parenting classes, adoption, legal assistance

Information about Natural Family Planning

Childbirth classes and other educational opportunities (as available)

Maternity and baby items (as available)

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Our Mission

To provide hope, help, and possibility to any pregnant woman by offering comprehensive integrative care in a loving, nonjudgmental environment.

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