Baby Bottle Fundraiser

Thank you for your interest in hosting a Womankind Baby Bottle Fundraiser. Your participation helps to ensure that Womankind can continue to provide free prenatal care and support services to the many Cleveland area women and families in need.

1. Baby Bottles are provided by Womankind. They can be delivered to your location or picked up at our office. Both individual bottles and large bottle banks are available. Please contact us to help you determine the quantity of bottles needed.

2. Determine start and end date of your fundraiser. Typical fundraisers run for four weeks.

3. Please make several announcements about the fundraiser a few weeks before the bottles are distributed.

4. On distribution day, please have enough volunteers to pass out bottles. Participants can either fill the bottle with loose change or insert a check (payable to Womankind).

5. Continue to provide notices during the fundraiser to remind participants to collect their change and to notify them of the upcoming return date.

6. On Collection day: Again, please have enough volunteers to collect bottles/donations and secure them. A bassinet, crib or playpen as a collection receptacle makes an eye-catching display and also secures filled bottles.

7. After collection, a Womankind volunteer will contact you regarding pickup/drop off of bottles. You do not need to count the change! Womankind can have the change counted and notify you of the total collected as soon as it is available.

Additional ways Womankind can help

  1. Provide templates for bottle tags
  2. Sample announcements
  3. Sign Templates
  4. Speakers
  5. Alternate fundraiser suggestions

For additional assistance, Please contact Nancy at Womankind 216-662-5700 or e-mail .

Download Baby Bottle Fundraiser Response form.

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Our Mission

Womankind Maternal and Prenatal Care Center was founded 1975. The dream of Michele Rogers RN and Elaine Eberlin was to provide a free prenatal clinic staffed primarily by loving and non-judgmental volunteers as the way to meet the medical and emotional needs of women who were pregnant or thought they might be. For more than 40 years Womankind has been doing just that by providing our free services to women from all over Northeast Ohio who have felt overwhelmed, unsupported or unprepared for their pregnancies. These women have often lacked the health insurance, financial resources and/or emotional support needed to access traditional  care providers. At Womankind they find care that is confidential, comprehensive and compassionate. We encourage and support each woman who comes to us for care. We do all we can to ensure that no woman faces a pregnancy without hope, help and possibility.