Are you pregnant or think you might be?

Are you considering an abortion?

Do you need prenatal care but have no health insurance?

Is your pregnancy complicated by issues such as addiction, abuse, anxiety or depression?

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Regardless of how you are feeling about your pregnancy – joyous – devastated – or uncertain – Womankind is here to help.

Womankind provides free pregnancy testing.

If you are considering an abortion, Womankind can provide you with a medical confirmation exam performed by a physician, certified nurse midwife or advance practice nurse, an ultrasound if medically indicated, the opportunity to address any medical concerns or questions and professional counseling to explore your options.

If you find yourself uninsured, Womankind provides free prenatal care for the first 28 weeks of your pregnancy. During this time you will receive comprehensive prenatal care in our clinic and see a social service worker to address your medical, emotional, financial and insurance questions and concerns.

If you are experiencing addiction, abuse, anxiety or depression, regardless of where you are getting your prenatal care, professional counseling is available to you at no cost to address these and other concerns related to your pregnancy.

Womankind provides hope and help and possibility. Call us at 216-662-5700